About Me

Hi & welcome on my website!

Let me introduce myslef so you can get to know me & my background in fitness a bit more! 

My name is Sofi, I live in  London and I work as a qualified Personal Trainer who specialises in helping women achieve their body and nutritional goals. 

Being active was always part of my life as I'd been dancing from a very early age. Later on I wanted to keep my body fit so I decided to study first nutrtion and than personal training.

Throughout my fitness journey I faced struggles with over exercising and finding a diet that works for me. For months I was training 5-6 times a day for hours exhausting myself completely and eating so called "healthy meals" that turned out to be not so healthy at all.

This experience led me to the realisation of the importance of nutrition and also the importance of respecting my body. 

Nowadays I'm much kinder to myslef working out only 3-4 times a week and reduced the intensity as well. I changed my diet to  a plant based, gluten ,lactose and soy free diet that helped me to lose weight and become more energetic thatn ever before.

This was my journey to a healthier lifestyle and now I want to helpt YOU to achieve the same!

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